Team Diagnostic Profile Workshops

These workshops are an ideal follow up or "add on" to a Team Management Profile development session. They involve the use of a Team 360° feedback assessment to provide an objective assessment of the overall "Team" performance and development requirements by soliciting quantitative measures and qualitative comments from team members and important external stakeholders.

This process allows teams to really take stock and understand how they are performing by measuring the following characteristics and behaviours of effective teams.

  • Led – that the team is appropriately and effectively led
  • Aligned - the team is aligned internally and with other key stakeholder groups in the pursuit of clear goals and values
  • Effective - the team is effective at decision making, problem solving and recognising opportunities
  • Focused - the team is customer focused and regularly reviews the meaning of success
  • Stretched - the team is high output & high quality focused
  • Adaptive - team members are quick learners and change-responsive
  • Empowered - people in the team take responsibility for their functional area
  • Harmonious - the team is open, co-operative, supportive and trusting
  • Balanced - the team is balanced in skills, temperament and in the task achievement cycle
  • Informed - the team communicates well

The Team Diagnostic Workshop is designed to:

  • Ensure Team Members understand the core behaviours that drive team performance
  • Provide a forum where team members can provide some feedback on the Team dynamics and performance in a controlled environment
  • To use the output of a Team 360° feedback profile to understand the team strengths and development needs
  • To determine how the team can become more effective and efficient then develop an appropriate action plan.

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