360° Feedback Profile Workshops

360° feedback is the process of gaining insights from key stakeholders about how they see individual or team performance. They are a fantastic tool to use to secure real clarity about areas of strength and where areas exist for further development. Linked to the creation of development action plans they stimulate growth and increased performance in individuals and teams.

TMS uses 360° feedback products for individual development coaching, Leadership Development Programmes and Team Development workshops.

TMS 360° Experience, Technology and Process

Being both the developer of our own 360° feedback products and a facilitator of the associated development workshops, TMS has accumulated a wealth of experience in optomising the 360° experience and outcomes. The benefits of choosing TMS 360° products for your organisation are as follows:

  • We use local norm data. Compare your organisation against other Australasian organisations
  • Questionnaires are circulated and populated online for ease of distribution and consolidation
  • All questionnaire responses are captured and saved instantly on our secure online database to ensure that confidential feedback will not be compromised
  • The collection of written comments ensure absolute clarity around areas where specific feedback is required
  • Advice sheets are provided that are specific to every output
  • Supporting development workshops and workbooks to assist with the development of action plans
  • Experienced 360° facilitators employ tried and tested methodologies that ensure that the feedback can be delivered, in a "safe" and constructive fashion
  • Strict 360° feedback ethical guidelines are upheld

LBP Profile

LBP Development Guide

As evidence of our capabilities and of the effectiveness of our Leadership interventions, TMS has delivered over 16,000 individual 360° feedback profiles to public and private sector managers throughout Australasia and the Pacific in the last 10 years. This process has involved approx.100,000 + “other” raters, either as a supervisor, peers or subordinates.

TMS has a suite of 360° feedback products that support development at any level.

  • Leadership Behaviours Profile (for Leaders or those with direct reports)
  • Team Member 360° Profile (for those who have no direct reports)
  • Star Performing Team Profile (a Team assessment)
  • Strategic Intelligence Assessment
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence Profile

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