Strategic Planning

Every organisation needs to develop an overall strategy prior to determining any team objectives and individual priorities. TMS have refined a methodology to formulate that Strategy through the use of a simple, robust easy to understand planning process. This takes the “mystery” out of Strategic Planning and ensures that the plan developed is straightforward to communicate and implement thereafter - so that it can be used to drive everyday organisational activity.

The TMS Strategy formulation process covers:

  • Vision: Determining a "Future Picture" for the organisation and the measures of what success might look like after an appropriate timeframe (3 – 5 years).
  • Values: Developing statements that reflect the desired organisational behaviours
  • Identifying External Opportunities: Around both existing lines of business and potential new lines of business
  • Quantifying Internal Capabilities: Covering off the people, processes, technology required to realise the Future Picture
  • Gap Analysis: Determining what needs to be done to close the gap between where the organisation is at present and where it wants to be
  • Strategic Imperatives: Defining what must be addressed to realise the Future Picture.
  • Tasks, Projects & Tactical objectives: For the Management Team to develop and agree upon their priorities for the next 12 months in order to meet these objectives

All output is documented and formatted by TMS after the workshop for ease of transfer back to the workplace.

TMS has been making strategy work for more than 20 years and recognise that beyond strategy formulation there is a requirement to ensure full understanding and ownership throughout the organisation. We can also assist with the translation of the big picture into team and individual priorities.

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