Team Development

Team Development is a core competence of TMS and we have conducted hundreds of workshops over the years for teams of differing functions from a wide variety of industry sectors.

Providing regular time out for teams to reflect and work on how the team operates, to understand what they do well, and identify what they can do even better is the essential for the development of high performing teams. Those teams that do not take time out for development get stuck in doing what they have always done!

TMS Learning and Development philosophies are consistent with international best practice and are tailored to suit the Vision, Values, Strategic Plan, leadership framework, branding and language of our clients. TMS facilitators deploy a blend of assessment profiles, development “tools” and experiential (action) learning techniques to ensure that our methodologies remain easy to understand and remember.

Each workshop session serves as a forum to introduce and experiment with our methodologies and real workplace feedback is provided in a “safe” environment such that the individual is well placed to return to the workplace and implement the methodologies therafter.

All of our facilitated interventions are tailored in discussion with our clients. This ensures that the programme length, style, content, resources, branding, location, venue and follow up process meet the client’s expectations and budget.

As it is invariably most cost effective for a facilitator to travel to where the participants are located, TMS are accustomed to delivering such services in the geographic locations where our clients require them. Team Development and Leadership workshops are routinely scheduled nationwide across NZ or in other parts of the globe in the location of our clients choosing.

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