One on One Coaching

TMS "one on one" coaching initiatives are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to access the TMS suite of profiles and materials and enhance their personal growth - even if they do not have the organisation size or budget for full team participation.

Such coaching incorporates:

  • The Team Management Profile
  • A review of actual workplace feedback using a 360° feedback profile with an associated personal development process

This initiative delivers measurable outcomes. Participants will develop:

  • A better self-understanding - clarity of leadership style, strengths, and development opportunities required to grow their leadership capability
  • An enhanced range of people management strategies, tips and techniques
  • Increased energy and confidence in people management - a whole range of people management strategies, tips and techniques
  • Key learnings transferred to the workplace by way of a five point action plan, followed up by leadership coaching to assist the participant to establish the learnings as everyday leadership skills
Added Learning Bites

Throughout the coaching various management themes will emerge. Typical areas of discussion include:

  • Confidence in leadership. Accepting the mantle of leadership
  • Effective communication
  • Situational decision making - adapting one’s decision making style to match the people or environment
  • Decision making - balancing action vs. information
  • Effective delegation - motivating and developing others
  • Strategic thinking
  • Managing diversity
  • Values - setting behavioural expectations
Who Should Attend

This initiative is designed for those who want to polish their leadership skills or take stock in order to develop their understanding and Emotional Intelligence then revitalise their thinking and behaviours.

Pricing and availability

A "One on One" coaching package incorporating 360° workplace feedback, coaching and full access to our Leadership Academy website and resources costs $1350 + GST per participant.

A premium "One on One" coaching package (all of the above plus the Team Management Profile and additional coaching) costs $1545 + GST.