Team Management Profile Workshop Case Study

Team Management Services specialise in providing Team Development initiatives. The Team Management Profile Workshop is interactive in nature and is consistently rated to be an extremely practical, enjoyable and effective learning experience.

 The Workshop Process

Team dynamics and development are frequently overlooked as organisations focus on bottom line deliverables and responding to the needs of their clients. But creating regular times for a team to understand what they do well or identify what can be done even better is essential for growth. TMS advocates a “check in” at least once every 12 months to see how a team can improve their effectiveness. Having such sessions facilitated by an outside party allows the entire team to remain fully engaged in the process.

A TMP Workshop typically takes the form of a 1 day “offsite” event (to enhance the experience) but can be conducted in the workplace if a suitable facility is available. Our workshops are interactive in nature and discussion is encouraged to maintain a positive learning environment and so that participants can learn from the insights of others. Key personal insights are documented and formatted into a post workshop debrief document to ensure that these can be captured for implementation in the workplace.

 The Team Management Profile

Understanding our own preferences and preferences of the others that we work with is essential if we are to develop our team organisational performance. Prior to the workshop each participant completes an online self-assessment questionnaire measuring the following:

  • How they prefer to relate to others
  • How they gather and use information
  • How they make decisions
  • How they organise themselves and others

With 208 possible permutations, the TMP is one of the most comprehensive personal Profiles available and provides constructive, work-based information about an individual's work preferences. In a workshop environment this information is shared to help team members develop their understanding of the preferences of others, investigate the overall team dynamics and optimise their communications and interactions.

The Team Management Profile is written in straightforward language and has a graphical component also so it is easy to understand and integrate into work practices thereafter.

 Experiential Learning

An element of Experiential learning is also used in most workshops as action learning provides a platform for experimenting with new concepts or approaches and practicing these in a fun and “low risk” environment. Such exercises are also proven to be extremely effective as mediums to provide for the long term retention of learning for adults.


The deliverables from a Team Management Profile Workshop are as follows:

  • The team practice and adopt a standard methodology of working that allows them to secure the best possible outcomes to a project or task.
  • The team develops an appreciation of their own work preferences and those of their colleagues.
  • The team exchange ideas on how to optimise communications with each other and which techniques to use to address difficult issues when they arise.
  • Using a simple facilitated brainstorming process, a multitude of team development opportunities are collated for post workshop implementation.

Team Management Services was founded in 1986 and we specialise in facilitating cost effective, practical, outcome focused programmes that positively influence cultural change. We typically work with organisations that have a national or a multinational focus.

TMS L&D philosophies are consistent with international best practice and are tailored to suit the Vision, Values, Strategic Plan, leadership framework, branding and language of our clients.

All of our facilitated interventions are tailored in discussion with our client. This ensures that the programme length, style, content, resources, geographic location, venues, branding and follow up process meet the client’s expectations and budget. If you would like to see how an intervention of this kind might play out in your organisation or if we can support you with the provision of our Team Development, Strategic Planning and Leadership Development services - contact me!

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