Opportunities-Obstacles Profile [QO2]
What does this profile measure?

QO2 stands for the Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient and this profile measures the extent to which people are more likely to invest energy in seeing events as opportunities or seeing events as obstacles. This affects their approach to decision-making, change or conflict situations.

The subject completes an online self-assessment questionnaire and the profile output provides insights about the way that they seize upon opportunities or foresee obstacles. Appropriate development advice is in the form of written, tabular and graphical content.

The profile is equally suitable for individuals seeking an additional layer of depth about their approach to work or by Teams that have an interest in balancing a level of optimism vs fault finding or developing their ability to move towards goals using multiple pathways.

The Opportunities-Obstacles Quotient Profile is invaluable for:
  • Change management
  • Project Management
  • Risk assessment
  • Sales Development
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal development
  • Team development

QO2 Risk-Orientation Model

Risk-Orientation Model


  • Click the below image to download an extract from a Profile sample