Strategic Intelligence Assessment [SIA]
What does this profile measure?

The Strategic Intelligence Assessment is a 360° feedback report developed by Team Management Services to assist leaders in developing their Strategic capabilities by providing a subject with specific practical information on their Strategic Intelligence development needs.

TMS has developed a model that is easy to understand and practical in its approach. The Strategic Intelligence Assessment 360° feedback profile measures an individual's capabilities against the factors that are essential for effective Strategic Leadership and provides tailored feedback to develop Strategic performance. An accompanying 'Development Guide' assists with the formal identification of the strengths that can be leveraged and where opportunities for improvement lie such that a personal development "action plan" can be created.

The SIA is a multi-rater assessment so a subject completes a questionnaire requiring them to self-assess or "rate" their own performance while inputs from up to 12 other raters (people that they routinely engage with such as their manager, their peers and their direct reports) is collected for comparative purposes. All data is submitted through an automated online process to provide for an ease of accessibility and to ensure absolute confidentiality.

SIA Model

Strategic Intelligence Model

The Strategic Intelligence Assessment is invaluable for:
  • Leadership Development workshops
  • Assisting with Strategic Planning initiatives
  • Allowing an individual to have their Strategic capabilities evaluated by others using a medium that preserves the anonymity of the raters such that accurate, direct and honest feedback can be secured
  • Providing a medium around which a personal development action plan can be created that will enhance a Leader's Strategic Capabilities
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence by having individuals to see themselves as others see them


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