Window on Work Values Profile [WoWV]
What does this profile measure?

Values are concepts or beliefs which people use to guide their behaviour in the workplace. Values drive our decision-making and cause us to summon up energy to preserve what we believe in. They go beyond specific situations and determine how we view people, behaviour and events. Often major sources of conflict and disillusionment between individuals or between individuals and the organisations that they are employed by are due to mismatched values.

The Window on Work Values Profile is based upon responses to a 64 item online self-assessment questionnaire that requires respondents to rate situations or activities at work that they value. The results are then processed to give a hierarchy of importance around eight value types that are fundamental drivers of their behaviour.

This profile can be used for the purposes of either measuring personal values or measuring organisational values.

The Windows on Work Values Profile is invaluable for:
  • Cultural Change initiatives
  • The development of Team Values
  • The assessment and development of Organisational Values
  • Gaining clarity around Individual Values
  • Checking alignment between individual Values and organisational Values


  • Click the below image to download an extract from a Profile sample
The Window on Work Values Model

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