Team Management Profile Workshops

The Team Management Profile is a diagnostic tool, which measures an individuals work preferences so the one day Team Management Profile workshop is a fun and rewarding way to consider team dynamics.

If we can increase everyone's performance by just a small percentage, this can make the critical difference between success and failure. The objectives for this type of workshop are as follows:

  • To develop each individual's understanding of their own work preferences using the Team Management Profile
  • For participants to identify areas where opportunities exist for personal development
  • For team members to develop an appreciation of the work preferences of their colleagues
  • For participants to investigate methods that will optimise their communications with each other
  • To investigate the combined team dynamics and team balance, to identify the areas of collective team strengths and where the opportunities exist for further team development
  • For Team Members to enjoy a day learning about how to optimise their own performance

The workshops are interactive in nature and discussion is encouraged to maintain a positive learning environment so that participants can learn from the insights of others. Key personal insights are documented and formatted into a post workshop debrief document to ensure that these can be captured for implementation in the workplace.

The workshops are interactive and practical. The high face validity of this profile, the simple language and a graphical component ensure that the “tools” provided in the workshop environment are quickly accepted, easy to recall and straightforward to integrate into work practices thereafter.

This profile is used internationally and is consistently acknowledged by workshop participants to be the best medium of its kind. It is a remarkably accurate medium making these workshops a very informative and entertaining method for people to engage in the process of finding out more about themselves and their colleagues. Thousands of individuals have now experienced these programmes and they are consistently rated as an extremely practical and "hands on" learning experience.

A Team Management Profile workshop suits:

  • New or developing teams
  • Project Teams
  • Teams that would like to enhance their interactions and communication
  • High performing Teams that would like to understand themselves even better.

Typical Investment:

  • $3300 + GST per workshop day inclusive of all pre-work, facilitation, hand-outs, workshop materials and a written debrief report.
  • $195 + GST per Team Management Profile. Excluded are venue hire, catering or travel expenses

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